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Copying ITSI Service Template from one instance (TEST) to another Instance(PROD)

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I created ITSI service template in the TEST environment.
I am trying to copy the service template from TEST to PROD.

For that, I have checked in "itsi_service_template.conf", but it is not present in the file of all ITSI Modules(ITSI, SA-ITOA..etc).

Please guide me where I can get the details to copy service template from TEST to PROD

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The service templates are stored in 2 locations. There will be a .conf under the module that you created the service template of /opt/splunk/etc/apps/{DA-Module}/default/itsi_service_template.conf AND there will be configuration in the KVSTORE. This is NOT a simple task to extract from the kvstore and re-import to the prod kvstore. If this is not the template of all templates that took days / weeks to develop I really would suggest you just stare and compare a new one in prod. Otherwise DEV needs to be IDENTICAL to prod or you'll be editing JSON files by hand.

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