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Change Font Color in Dashboard Table

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Hi, I'm looking to change the font of a statistics table within my dashboard.
It defaults at white, but when you edit the drilldown to allow clicks, it defaults to blue and is much harder to read at a distance.

Is there any way you know of to change this back?

(Notes: I tried charting.fontColor, but it is not compatible with stats tables apparently. Also I am using Splunk Cloud and do not have direct access to config/css files)


You can add css within your dashboard without the need for installing css or javascript files. Add this to the SimpleXML

    <panel depends="$hidden$">
          table th td {
          table tr td {

table.table-drilldown tr td {


Change the values of color to whatever you want.
table th td This section is for the table headers
table tr td This section is for the table rows
table.table-drilldown tr td This section is for the table rows when you have a drilldown

You don't need to use all 3. Use whichever you want to modify

hope this helps

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Do you mean a glass table? Or a separate dashboard within ITSI? Also what version?

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