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upgrade to V8 - readiness app results


Hi -

I am planning an upgrade from V7+ to V8.

I am running to issues with the results of the upgrade readiness app. Most are warnings but one blocker has me concerned.

The app , Splunk App for Unix (V6 - just downloaded and installed), has blockers and warnings

The blocker- Splunk Web on Enterprise 8.0 and above may not start if any app has a CherryPy endpoint/controller written in Python 2.7. I've not been able to find any path to investigate or resolve this error. Please keep in mind I am not a python dev, nor much above a linux sys admin1. Please keep that in mind when replying.

As for the warnings - Update these Python scripts to be dual-compatible with Python 2 and 3. Several scripts cause this error.


Any help is greatly appreciated. I'd rather figure this out now then have to deal with Splunk support after.



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