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percentage of one field event over other

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I have two query

1: sourcetype=A error=499
2: sourcetype=A X=*

2nd query is almost equal to total transactions.

I would like to make timechart of % of error count on X events.

Basically I want to make timechart that will tell if error code increase is because of volume increase etc,

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 index=foo sourcetype=A (error="*"  X="*") 
| eval error=case(error="499",1,true(),0)
| timechart count as total sum(error) as error
| eval perc=round(error / total * 100,2)
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Like this:

index="YouShouldAlwaysSpecifyAnIndex" AND sourcetype="A" AND (error="499" OR X="*")
| timechart count(eval(error="499")) AS error499count BY X
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This should get you started.

index=foo sourcetype=A (error=499 OR X=*) 
| bin span=1d _time
| stats count(eval(isnotnull(X)) as Total, count(eval(error=499)) as Error by _time
| eval Pct = (Error * 100) / Total
| timechart span=1d max(Pct)
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