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monitor file on syslog-ng server contains entries for devices with different timezones

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I have a redhat 7.4 syslog-ng server with splunk heavy forwarder(8.1.2)  installed. server is TZ EST

Server collects udp/514 logs from multiple networking devices and writes them to textfiles like ...

splunk Heavy Forwarder has data/file monitor inputs for the various text files and are assigned to the appropriate index with the appropriate sourcetype

so some network devices sending udp/514 syslogs to the above server are in different timezones but the entries in the text file written do not adjust for timezones...

example screen attached - In screenshot IP is GMT and is EST

I researched and tried to create an app called Timezones on the HF with a local/props.conf file that just lists...


but when file data is ingested the _time for the IP in GMT is same as it appears in the log file entry with no adjustment to bring GMT time to EST time??

any help would be appreciated - I have read several links already and follow a few answers...





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