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loss of time input


Faced with a very specific problem.
We use splunk enterprise 7.3.0. We have ru_RU written in the address bar instead of en-US. In the file /opt/splunk/etc/system/local/times.conf, we changed the display language of the time input to Russian. When the Date & Time Range item is selected in the time input and the period is set in it by the Between button, the data is applied, but the input itself disappears from the dashboard. An error appears in the console: moment().splunkFormat() does not support the locale ru. If you use en_US instead of ru_RU in the address bar, the error does not occur, but it does not suit us.
I tried adding the file ru.js to the locale folder, then splunk stops working.
Please tell me how you can fix this error. Thanks!

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...That's quite an out of date version that is way out of support.  Also, I'm not sure what your ru.js file is doing, since the typical localization process involves creating the po/mo files within the mrsparkle library localization folders.

The localization stuff in Splunk is based on gettext.  For your version of Splunk these are the localization instructions here and here

Have you tried editing the portable object files for your formatting?



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