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With data not indexing, what are other steps to follow to get data in index XYZ?

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Index=XYZ  source= abc*.logs host=kfg 

So I when I checked in internal index data is coming from host, I checked forwarder server class mapping is fine, I could see the data is deploying. But still cannot see data.

What other steps i need to follow to get data in index XYZ


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Hi @Santosh2,

maybe the timestamp isn't correctly parsed, try to search something special of your logs in a very large time period.

Then, if you're searching logs in the first 11 days of the month, try to search the 1st of may (01/05/2022) at the 5th of january (05/01/2022).

Then, are you sure about index?

then, try to add an asterisk at the beginning of the source, maybe there's the full path and/ot an asterisk at the end of host, maybe there's the FQDN name instead of the hostname.



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