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Why is there an error "error in 'search' command" in my search?

<title> Clam Scan Results </title> <event>
<search> ref="anti-virus scan results">
<option name="list.drilldown"
I have been trying to input this query into Splunk and I am getting the following error: error in 'search' command: unable to parse the search: Comparator '<' is missing a term on the left hand side.
I have removed the > before the ref, but I still get the same result. Can anyone help me solve this?
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Hi @cj04 

Hope you are using your code inside dashboard, 

please use following code inside dashboard 

<title> Clam Scan Results </title>
<search ref="anti-virus scan results"> </search>
<option name="list.drilldown">none</option>


Where exactly are you trying to put this text?

The quoted text is Simple XML from a dashboard, not SPL one can put into a search box.  It seems like this is being pasted into the Search & Reporting app and the SPL parser is  failing on the first '<'.

What problem are you trying to solve with this text?

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What do I need to edit so I can post this into the Search & Reporting and get the desired outcome?

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What am I trying to solve is from my "Clam Scan Results" I am wanting Splunk to pick those up. I am using this text in the search portion of Splunk, but I am also new to Splunk. How can I properly get this setup where my results are posting in Splunk?

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