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Why are datamodels not accelerating data?

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Hi Community,


I have a use case where the client needs data to be stored over an extended period of time. The main objective is to test if I can use a combination of SSD and HDD for this use case. Also, make sure that when the data is available in the HDD over the Network File System, the dashboards powered by data models work. Since the client wants data to be available for at least 6 months, an index is created that has hot/warm buckets in SSD and cold buckets in slower storage connected over the Network File System.

For this test, I have created a new index that has a bucket size of 500 Mb and the number of hot buckets is 2 and there are no warm buckets. I have made no other changes to the default configurations.

When the data is available in hot/warm buckets, the data models work and the panels are loaded. But when the data is moved to HDD, the panels don't work. 


I get an error as attached above.

When I run a search query I can see data.

Could you please let me know how can I fix this issue?






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