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What are the differences between Splunk cloud production vs Splunk ES on premises?


Hi Team,

We have Splunk cloud in production environment like indexer and Search head now customer want UAT environment in On Premises(Indexer and Search head) as testing purpose.
Purpose of the UAT environment is that we can test all log source onboarding, usecase development and testing in UAT environment first then forward it to Production Splunk cloud

So my question are

1. Is there any challenges, issues and any dependency with respect to App, Add-Ons or any other if we have On premises ES in UAT environment 

2.  What is exact difference between Splunk Cloud and Splunk ES On- premises Because we have Splunk cloud in productions environment and customer want Splunk ES on premises as UAT purpose.  

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1. Hundreds (probably) of customers have run ES in an on-premises environment so you should have no problems as long as you follow the documentation.

2. There are many differences between Splunk Enterprise and Splunk Cloud, but most of them don't matter.  It's important, however, to keep your local settings and knowledge objects in custom apps (as opposed to putting them in Search & Reporting or ES).  This will make it easier to package the app for installation on Splunk Cloud.

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