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Use UDP to index rest api logs

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We are currently using TCP capability to index REST API logs in Splunk. We now have requirement to use UDP instead of TCP. When I select UDP capabilities under same role nothing happens.

I am keeping rest all setting (port, URL etc. ) same and adding UDP capability for the role. Do I need to make any other changes to index REST logs using UDP?

Source setting are as follows:

1.) Add slpunk Nuget Package

2.) Add a class SplunkAppender.cs
internal class SplunkAppender : log4net.Appender.AppenderSkeleton

public SplunkAppender()
var connectArgs = new ServiceArgs
//TODO: Read this from config file
Host = {splunk url},
Port = 8089

var service = new Service(connectArgs);

service.Login(username, password);
_receiver = new Splunk.Receiver(service);

protected override void Append(log4net.Core.LoggingEvent loggingEvent)
string data = RenderLoggingEvent(loggingEvent);
_receiver.Submit(new ReceiverSubmitArgs()
Index = _index,
Source = _source,
SourceType = _sourceType

}, data);



3.) Change Configuration – Add a new appender

4.) For logging to splunk end point
var logger = LogManager.GetLogger("SplunkLogger");
logger.Info("logged to splunk! GFX2Client Plugin Loaded");

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

could you please clarify "nothing happens" ?

could this be a firewall issue?
If this is nix, you could perhaps verify that data reaching the UDP port w/tcpdump.
Have you checked splunkd.log for errors/warnings?

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