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Splunk Universal Forwarder for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 (64 bit)


Hi all,

I'm looking for and old version (but the latest one..) of the Universal Forwarder compatible with Windows 7 (64 bit) and Windows 2008 R2 (64 bit) Operating Systems.

Can you please send me a link where to donwload them? In the official Splunk download page for the older releases I cannot find them.

Thank you






Disclaimer -

These operating systems are no longer supported *by Microsoft* and haven't been for a while.  There are no more security updates, no more patches, no more support, no more anything.  Has the department at your company responsible for this delved into any sort of a risk assessment on this situation?

Any UF you can install on them will be, by its nature, also unsupported too.

Windows 7

That being said, the latest UF I could find supporting Windows 7, was 6.4.11, which really is absolutely ancient.


(If you flip the version drop-down in the upper right to the next update, 6.5.0, it no longer lists Win7).

Have you tried just installing, say, the latest in the 7.3.x series of UFs?  I mean, who knows?  Nothing you do will ever be supported (neither MS nor Splunk supports Win7 now, regardless of what version of the UF or Splunk you have), so why not just try it anyway? 

I doubt 8.x will work (though you could try), but 7.x at least has a chance.

Server 2008 R2- you don't mention service pack.

For no service pack, I think this is the latest, another pretty ancient version:


If you have it updated at least as far as you can, then you can go all the way up to


Which is at least not ancient.  🙂


Happy Splunking,





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