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I just upgraded our Splunk server to 8.1.0 and after a while  realized some of our good old searches utilized in a couple of dashboards had stopped working. After a lot of digging around, it seems like the problem has been narrowed down to tags not working as before in 8.0.6. The code below will serve as an example.


index="myindex" summaryline
| stats
    count(eval(STATUS_CODE=10 OR STATUS_CODE=42)) AS "No-go" 
    count(eval(STATUS_CODE=50)) AS OK 
    by tag::CUSTOMER_CODE


The ides is, that summaryline is just a keyword to match the appropriate lines of data. The lines will populate the fields CUSTOMER_CODE and STATUS_CODE, and tag::CUSTOMER_CODE is defined based on the value of CUSTOMER_CODE under Settings > Tags.

Running the above in Verbose mode works, even though previously I didn't need to include CUSTOMER_CODE in the fields list. Running in Fast mode will produce nothing for the same data but results will be shown, if statistics are calculated "by CUSTOMER_CODE". For this reason, the dashboard using the above construct stopped producing the data we wanted.

Looking at the problem, there is an obvious workaround to use lookup, and the example search looks like this


index="myindex" summaryline
| lookup CustomerLookup.csv CUSTOMER_CODE OUTPUT CUSTOMER AS Customer
| stats
    count(eval(STATUS_CODE=10 OR STATUS_CODE=42)) AS "No-go" 
    count(eval(STATUS_CODE=50)) AS OK 
    by Customer


CustomerLookup.csv will then hold columns CUSTOMER_CODE, CUSTOMER and possibly others separated by commas. I tested, and I could not output the CUSTOMER column as tag::CUSTOMER, or no results were produced.

Anyone else with this kind of experiences and is there a way to make tags work again like they used to?

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