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Remove unused columns in trellis charts


Hi I'm trying to remove unused columns from a trellis style bar chart. I think it's getting mixed up because at some point all reference points have a number, but point to point can be 0. I've removed the 0's from the corresponding table but it still shows in the chart
A truncated part of the search is below:

host=SessionManager |  stats count by "sip_entities.originating","sip_entities.terminating" | where count>0 |chart sum(count) over "sip_entities.originating" by sip_entities.terminating

I use trellis mode to generate a chart for every row under Column "A", which is perfect.
However every individual chart also shows listings for for all of the columns (A-I) regardless if the value is blank . I only want to show column in each chart if they have a value over 0.
For example if Row 2 of Column A has only a value in column I, I don't want to see the others in the chart.
If Row 6 of column A has entries in A-F and H-I, I want it to miss out column G for that generated chart

I hope this makes sense,


Super Champion

I'm not sure if you have gotten this answered yet, but could you try using |stats sum(count) as sum_count by "sip_entities.originating" sip_entities.terminating and see if that works for you.
The chart function will create a column for every field in the by command, regardless of if there is a value, so it'll put something in the chart visualization. stats, on the other hand, will just calculate for the fields that have values.

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