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Remove host with zero events


I have a few hosts that i created for temporary log analysis / testing. I have run the host through "| delete" and removed all the events.
But, the host lingers in the hosts list with the previous log count. But, when i open the host, there are no events.

How can i remove it from the list ?

I have Splunk Light version 6.3.3

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What do you mean with "the hosts list"?

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I took a screenshot of it:

Here's the list of hosts. Some of these hosts have 0 events, even though the count is not.
When i click on the host to search it then i will see that there are 0 events. I just want to remove the host from this list.

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The host list you're mentioning here comes from metadata of all indexes. When you issue a | delete command against a data, it just make the data un-searchables, it doesn't actually removes the data from disk/clears metadata for it. Those hosts will go away once the data is rolled to frozen (archived or deleted). If you were using test indexes, just delete them and re-create them (assuming they don't have any useful data in them).

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