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Register Isilon with Dell EMC Isilon Add-on 2.6.0 and 2.7.0

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Hi Community,

my Isilon OS: iOneFS Version:

ive got the following two errors, depends on Splunk and Addon version combinations:

Encountered the following error while trying to update: Error while posting to url=/servicesNS/nobody/TA_EMC-Isilon/isiloncustom/isilonendpoint/setupentity

Error occurred while authenticating to server

- Splunk 7.3.6 and emc-isilon-add-on-for-splunk-enterprise_240 > working
- Splunk 7.3.6 and emc-isilon-add-on-for-splunk-enterprise_250 > working
- Splunk 7.3.6 and emc-isilon-add-on-for-splunk-enterprise_260 > not working
- Splunk 7.3.6 and dell-emc-isilon-add-on-for-splunk-enterprise_270 > not working
- Splunk emc-isilon-add-on-for-splunk-enterprise_260 > not working
- Splunk dell-emc-isilon-add-on-for-splunk-enterprise_270 > not working

MY oppinion is, that ther is a problem to check the certificate option.
All working Addon versions have a checkbox to enable or disable to check certificate.

My Problem is to combine Splunk 8 and my Isilon system...

Please advice - Markus

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Did you guys had any solution?  Do you have IsilonSD Edge or a metal one?

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same issue, unable to authenticate with 2.70 and 8.04

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Any one have a solution with this I am having the same issue installed the Dell EMC Isilon Add-on  2.7.0 on my Splunk Heavy Forwarder 8.1  and can not authenticate to the isilon 9.x . Any comment would be appreciated. Thanks


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