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RapidDiag Task Manager Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'proxy_to')- How do I resolve this issue?

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When using RapidDiag I either get bumped to a "Something went wrong! Click here to return to Splunk homepage. TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'proxy_to') "  error after trying to run a report. Other times it runs a report and I navigate to the Task Manager tab and when I click to go to the next page on the Task Manager tab, I get the same error. Can someone please point me in the right direction to resolve this? 

This is a single server install of splunk enterprise running v9.0.0




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mostly a Me Too: i am running a splunk enterprise in distributed form and i get the same thing upon trying to just look at the task manager on my management console server.  

Having said that, I CAN see the same sets of tasks from my search heads...


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As a further followup:  i just tried to use generate a task but came up empty in the choice of peer nodes: there are no peer nodes listed at all (not even the local instance), nor do they autocomplete if I try entering one.  if I enter a hostname, it comes back with "please select peers from the dropdown"

I am trying this on my my Cluster master/DMC server (which run on a shared system).  I have rebooted this system entirely and can't seem to clear up whatever's needed to be able to use rapiddiag.

I am running splunk, with six indexers and three individual search heads.  

my license server and deployment server run on a different shared server.


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