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I need to collect some data from PCs, that are the part of the industrial machines. These computers run Windows XP (x86) and 7 (both x86 and x64), which are no longer supported by either Microsoft or Splunk. Also, the organization has deployed Splunk Enterprise version 8.1, that is, I eventually need to enter data from these computers into Splunk server. To summarize, I need installation files of the latest releases of Splunk for:

1. Splunk UF for Windows XP x86
2. Splunk UF for Windows 7 x86
3. Splunk UF for Windows 7 x64
4. Splunk Enterprise (x64) which is compatible with Windows XP UF (for HF deployment)
5. Splunk Enterprise (x64) which is compatible with Windows 7 UF (for HF deployment)

Also, I found that Splunk didn't remove installation files from download site, only remove the links from download page. For example, I found the direct download link for 6.2.0 version, but I don't know for which Windows version it is:


I would be very grateful if someone shares such links or the installation files themselves, because the Splunk Support replied that "nothing can help"...

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Splunk does not distinguish Windows versions, just word size.  The link you cited is for 64-bit systems ("x64").  Installers for 32-bit systems will have "x86" in the name.

These older versions of Splunk are not supported, which is why they're no longer on the downloads page.  Splunk Support should be able to provide the links for you.  Try contacting them again.

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