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Looking to finalize dashboard panel searches sooner than later

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I have dashboard panels which set token values with $result.<field_name>$, however our environment is a little congested and the searches will sit at 99% or 98.9 or 100% but won't actually finalize until maybe 60-90 seconds later. I see the results are there and are what i'm expecting, however the tokens won't set unless the panel searches are finalized.

I've tried placing those tokens in the below 




<condition match="'job.resultCount' &gt; 0">
<set token="abc">$result.field1$</set>
<set token="cba">$result.field2$</set>




but it still waits until the search finalizes before my other panels can utilize those tokens.


is there anyway to finalize panels after a set amount of time with an 'option' tag in the xml? or something?

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i think i may have figured it out. i removed my <condition> tags and it just set it as progress took place. dumb me.

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