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Logs are disappearing


Hi All,

Good day...

I have a situation here..

The logs of a particular source-type in a index is getting disappeared.

For ex..  Please find the below results for a query

2021-07-20        0
2021-07-21        10
2021-07-22        232
2021-07-23        3571

After some time like or 24 hrs if I try to run the same search I am getting the below results.

2021-07-20       0
2021-07-21       0
2021-07-22       2
2021-07-23       1524

the logs are being disappeared for the older days.

Note the index max size is set to unlimited and there are no issues with the other source-types under the same source.

Could you please check and let me know what is the issue here..

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Thank you very much for the quick response and Sorry for the delay to your response..

The frozenTimePeriodInSecs is configured as 31536000(365 days)..

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