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LDAP groups do not get replicated between search heads in a cluster


Hi, Rony here.

We've got a Search Head Cluster with 6 Search Heads.
When a user access our splunk URL, it hits a load balancer, wich randomly uses one of the 6 Search heads.
Authentication is by LDAP integration.

Heres the problem:
When a user logins to splunk, that user groups (and as a result, his roles) only gets updated on the specific search head that user happens to hit.
If the user continues to use splunk, the load balancer might connect him to another search head, where the user groups are not updated
The user tries to perform an action that requires the permissions provided by the group, and fails.

Is there a way that, when the user logs in, his assigned LDAP groups gets replicated to all the search heads on the cluster?

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How did you update LDAP configurations on search heads are in cluster?

Did you update LDAP groups from Search head CLI? if you have updated from search web, ideally this should get replicated to all search members part of cluster.

and also, once you make change from splunk search member GUI, verify the change in another search member. 

If this helps, give a like below.
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