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Ideas for effective use of having 65 parsers

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I have a dashboard with 65 panels (all are parsers). It is taking a while to load. I am having 4 base searches to use across the 65 panels, still I am facing some lag in loading the entire dashboard. 

For a better viewability, I categorized the panels based on their utility and showing them in tabs using CSS.

For for performance perspective, I dont find any other option other then using Base Search, but it isn't helping me either. 

Please provide effective ideas for improving the performance without recuding the number of panels involved.

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65 panels is a lot for anyone to have to monitor.  If you won't reduce the number of panels then consider splitting the dashboard into several separate dashboards (one per tab, perhaps).

Consider moving some of the searches to scheduled searches and have the dashboard use the loadjob command to invoke the search.  The search will run outside the dashboard and the results will be saved until someone runs the dashboard then the latest results will be retrieved and shown.

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