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How to use values from one dashboard to display it status (Warning Critical Normal) on another master dashboard


Hi Splunkers

I have 50 dashboards with each dashboard having disk metric panel, Process details, Autosys Job status, Memory Usage details, and Key word monitoring panels. Each dashboard is mapped with a 3 letter appcode. Now I want to have a master dashboard to represent status of all this 50 dashboards in a single place. 

If in dashboard-1 for appcode GHI my disk panel or any other panel has a critical warning(Red Colour) the GHI appcode in my master dashboard has to turn Critical(Red Colour) as well. Similar with other panels and other dashboards.


My Master dashboard should look something like this for the appcode status




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Your dashboard for say GHI contains multiple panel, each possibly with a different search. In order to get an aggregated result representing the state of this dashboard, you might need to aggregate all these searches and determine the overall state of the dashboard from that. Now, you might have to do this for all 50 dashboards to be able to show this in your master dashboard.

This will probably end up being a complex and very large search, probably too large.

You might want to consider how the data is collected for each of your dashboards. For example, do you have a scheduled report or number of reports that the dashboards are driven from. If so, perhaps you can have a scheduled report which aggregates the state of the dashboard. Then you could have a scheduled report which aggregates all these aggregation reports into a master report for your master dashboard.

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