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How to pass earliest and latest based on Week Number under drilldown section



I have input fields which has value as week number. Based on the Weeknum selected, how do I pass on the earliest and latest date under my drilldown.

Here is my input field


<input type="dropdown" token="weeknum" searchWhenChanged="true">


And here is my drilldown section from one of the dashboard panel where time range gets passed to another page (sre_module_summary) in the name of token selectedearliest & selectedlatest. How to get the values for the token based on the weeknum selected from input panel.


<drilldown target="_blank">
<eval token="Module">$click.value$</eval>
<eval token="HostType">$HostType$</eval>


Could someone please help.

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Path Finder

You should able to calculate earliest and latest with by setting a token with eval, see Define token filtering and formatting  in the Token usage in dashboards 

this would need something like:

<eval token="tk_earliest">strptime("t00:00 w$your_token_with_week_number$ wd1 y"+strftime(now(),"%Y"), "t%H:%M w%U wd%w y%Y")</eval>


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