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How to index different files with the same content

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I have a folder with file generated once a day 

I would like to index all files event the files have the some content 

for example 






I would like to index both files even they are identical 

the below is the input 

disabled = false
index = os_security
sourcetype = csv_current_time
crcSalt = <SOURCE>
initCrcLength = 1024
recursive = true
whitelist = \.csv$

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Path Finder

the message I have in the index=_intenal is 

File will not be read, seekptr checksum did not match (file=\\ntnet\filestore1\information_security$\OS_Security_Splunk\CMI\Tripwire\Compliance Report\Comcast_Ent\15-04-21_Comcast_Ent.csv). Last time we saw this initcrc, filename was different. You may wish to use larger initCrcLen for this sourcetype, or a CRC salt on this source. Consult the documentation or file a support case online at http://www.splunk.com/page/submit_issue for more info.


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