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How to create a dropdown with 3 options  as success, warnings, and error?


i am new to dashboard studio, i have 15 panels in my dashboard and i want to create a dropdown with 3 options  as success, warnings and error

success- 5 panels
Warnings- 5 panels
error-5 panels.

So when i select success from the dropdown, only Success-5panels should display.
when i select errors only error related panels should show up.

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Try this xml:

<form version="1.1">
<fieldset submitButton="false">
<input type="dropdown" token="status_tok">
<choice value="Success">Success</choice>
<choice value="Warnings">Warnings</choice>
<choice value="Errors">Errors</choice>

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Why studio?  I know how to do it in SimpleXML...

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Hi @woodcock, but my requirement is in studio dashboard.

Can you please help on this 

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You may have to wait for a while until this sort of functionality is available in Studio.

In the meantime, challenge your requirements, is the person giving you the requirement prepared to wait until the functionality is available, or would they compromise and allow you to develop the dashboard in SimpleXML where this sort of thing can be done easily?

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thank you for the information.
can you please provide the  drop down  code for classic dashboard.

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