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How to best manage AD groups, users, roles and index access?

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I have two indexes and three users.  Each user is in specific AD group.  Each group is mapped to a respective role.  Each role gives access to a specific index(es).

user_a can only search index_a, user_b only index_b and user_c can search both.  Restricting access to indexes is important.


AD group
user_idx_a (user_a is a member)
user_idx_b (user_b is a member)
user_idx_all (user_c is a member)

Users and roles
user_a has role role_a
user_b has role role_b
user_c has role role_c


importRoles = user
srchIndexesDefault = index_a
srchIndexesDisallowed = index_b

importRoles = user
srchIndexesDefault = index_b
srchIndexesDisallowed = inbex_a

importRoles = user

That's all fine. But as more indexes are added, I wonder how this will scale, especially where, for example, user_d needs access to newly created index_d, plus say index_a.  I will now need a new AD group (user_idx_d), a new role (role_role_a_d) and a suitable entry in authorize.conf

I've gained some mileage from putting index restrictions on the inherited (user) role.  For example:

srchIndexesDisallowed = main;splunklogger;summary

I had thought I would put users in multiple AD groups, but whilst membership brings a new role / index, it also means I end up with conflicting 'disallowed' directives.

Is there a better way?  Or have I reduced the administration to the minimum whilst maintaining index access granularity?

Many thanks.

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My company also faced the same issue. Splunk have a very restricted way of doing RBAC. Until now they do not have any fixes on this. Do you have any luck on this thus far? 



Anton Yeo 

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you should found answer to your issue from this conf presentation.


r. Ismo

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