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How do I find root causes of searches being delayed in the ES across the board - Please read below? Thx a mil.


I have a few error messages in my ES about searches being delayed. I used the below solution. But it only produces a few but not all. I see errors under message related to delayed searches on the main ES page under Messages (numerous) about delayed that does not show using the 

See https://github.com/dpaper-splunk/public/blob/master/dashboards/extended_search_reporting.xml for a helpful dashboard.

Please advise. Thank u & Happy Holidays.


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The most common reason searches get delayed are because of a lack of resources.

Check your CPU Usage in the Monitoring Console to get an idea of what may be causing it.

ES is very CPU intensive with all of the correlation searches running.

At a minimum your ES server should have 16 physical CPU cores or 32 Virtual CPU cores.


A temporary fix would be to switch your correlation searches to scheduled instead.

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