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How do I Configure Universal forwarder 8.1.0 to send data over HTTP?


I'm trying to use the recently released 8.1.0 Universal Forwarder to send logs over HTTP:

I have my outputs.conf configured as described in that configuration:


httpEventCollectorToken = [my_hec_token]
uri = http://[my_splunk_url]:8088
batchSize = 65536
batchTimeout = 5


I am also able to curl the HTTP Event Collector and successfully test the endpoint from the machine running the Universal Forwarder:


curl -k http://[my_splunk_url]:8088/services/collector/event -H "Authorization: Splunk [my_hec_token]" -d '{"event": "hello world"}'


However when I start the Universal Forwarder, it shows the following error in the splunkd.log:


10-20-2020 14:41:40.989 +0000 ERROR S2SOverHttpOutputProcessor - HTTP 404 Not Found
10-20-2020 14:41:50.103 +0000 WARN  TailReader - Could not send data to output queue (parsingQueue), retrying...


I have tried using https (although I know that the HEC endpoint in this case does not use https) and I have tried providing the /services/collector/event or /services/collector url paths in the config, but when doing any of these I instead get a 502 error in the log.

How can I troubleshoot this?

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We have solved the issue with this config.

Note: in server.conf better to first test with proxy_rules = * and then restrict


http_proxy = http://ip:port
https_proxy = http://ip:port
proxy_rules = *
no_proxy = localhost,, ::1

httpEventCollectorToken = XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX
uri = https://yourdomain.com


We had to put Splunk UF in DEBUG mode and it seems Splunk by itself append the “/services/collector/s2s”, so there is no need to add it in the httpout uri config:

12-21-2021 19:01:38.193 +0100 DEBUG S2SOverHttpOutputProcessor - S2SHttp Json transaction uri=https://yourdomain.com/services/collector/s2s, with sending size: 373645

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@edoardo_vicendo we are facing the same issue, but I see the same error even after adding the proxy config under server.conf..

ERROR S2SOverHttpOutputProcessor - HTTP 502 Bad Gateway

here's my outputs.conf file..

httpEventCollectorToken = ###khldkhfkahl979797####
uri = https://10.x.x.x:443
batchSize = 32768
batchTimeout = 10

it's a network load balancer on AWS, are you using the same kind of load balancer.??

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Hi @prakash007 

You probably don't need to declare the port in uri config, the 443 is the default one for https connection.

By the way, even with the correct configuration I posted previously we were getting an HTTP 502 Bad Gateway error. Our Use Case was to export some logs from an on premise Data Center to a third party Splunk installation hosted in AWS. The target was hosted in AWS, with a Load Balancer and a WAF in front but the modification were in charge to the third party admin, and as far as I know they did some modification in the WAF rules to avoid the HTTP 502.

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Same issue, did you were able to solve it?

12-16-2021 16:23:59.872 +0100 ERROR S2SOverHttpOutputProcessor [1631141 parsing] - HTTP 502 Bad Gateway
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Which Splunk Enterprise Version are you running?

httpout on UFs requires Splunk Enterprise (or Cloud) to run on 8.1.x as well.

8.1 introduced a new HEC endpoint to which the UFs send their data over http: /services/collector/s2s 

That explains why your troubleshooting on the /event endpoint worked.

Sadly you cannot use curl in the same way to send test data to the /s2s endpoint as you could with the /event endpoint, as splunk expects a different format on /s2s.

But if the endpoint is available, a curl with the right token in the header should at least give you this response:

{"count":0,"text":"Invalid data format","code":6}

Hope this helps!

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