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Dynamic rank need to cretae based on events


i need to create Rank based on Events that will occur dynamically. i've tried this but not able to do

index="abc" source="bcd"
|eval ComputerName=upper(ComputerName)
|join ComputerName
[|savedsearch Computers_By_Product productName="DELL"]
| eval title = replace(title,"{","")
| eval title = replace(title,"}","")
| rename title as signature
| join type=left signature
[search index="abc" source="dce" earliest=1 latest=now() | stats dc(id) as IDs by signature]
| eventstats dc(DateTime) as issueCount by ComputerName
| eventstats dc(ID) as fixCount by ComputerName
|sort 0 - issueCount |streamstats current=f window=1 values(issueCount) as Prev|eval Rank_filled=if(prev=issueCount,0,1) | accum Rank_filled|table ComputerName issueCount Rank_filled

i need rank like 

issueCount Rank
2 1
2 1
1 2
1 2


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