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Any plans to have a single agent (Splunk UF & Phantom SOAR together)

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Our Infra architect is in process of reducing the agents on client systems and replace with minimal products. Hence just checking if there is a Plan to use Splunk Universal Forwarder for SOAR purposes?

At end of the day if the Splunk UF is installed as "Administrator" in Windows (and provide relevant permissions in Linux et al), you could techically do ANYTHING.. i.e. SOAR responses would be similar to running a scripted inputs or triggering a software to do an action.

There are quite lot of advantages of providing "Phantom agent" as a deployment app too? Not sure if this answer community is the correct place for feedback/ideas, but just checking if there is similar plans in motion?

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Hi @koshyk 

are you sure of this? I did the first two classes of Phantom last week

  • Phantom Administration
  • developing playbooks for Phantom

And I never heard about Phantom and splunk UF, I understood you can integrate splunk enterprise with Phantom and another SIEM, but not the agents.

Anyway I would follow this thread to understand if is possible connect Splunk UF and Phantom.

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it's just a question ONLY at this time. I was asking if the Splunk Development team need a feature request to make it all integrated or if there is a plan already

Also to be specific, it is NOT to "integrate or connect" between UF & Phantom, but rather having only one agent on the client. But that single agent to do both functionalities of  UF &  Phantom

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