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Why is Incident Review not working after upgrade of CIM and Splunk Enterprise Security to 4.1.1?


Incident review is not working after Splunk ESS 4.1.1 and CIM Upgrade.

Also checked for data sources and their respective correlation searches enabled, but still i cant see any notable events or data in incident review?

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee
  • The Incident Review page defaults to the last 24 hours. Select a different time range to see if older notable events appear.
  • Have a look into the index named "notable,” and verify there's data. For example, call macros such as es_notable_events to show data in the index. Available fields are listed on the dev site here.
  • Check that the correlation searches responsible for triggering notable events are enabled, and running. Correlation searches are found under: Configure > Content Management in recent releases.
  • Check that the KVStore is up and returning results, as some of the Notable Events fields are stored there. For example, call a macro that will display data from the KVStore such as |inputlookup incident_review_lookup. There’s also REST commands for KVStore are on the dev site here.

If none of these results in a clue towards what is wrong, consider filing a support case.

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Do we have answer to this question yet? I have also upgraded the splunk ES to latest version and Incident Review page is not loading.

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