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Submit and Extract xml data

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Hi, I submitted a xml string to specific index using (.submit()) in python.

 index = splunk_client.indexes[index_name]
 index.submit(attack, source=source, sourcetype=uuid, **params)

Then,I tried to extract the data using

kwargs_oneshot = {"count": 0}
query = r"search index="stream_buffer""

        oneshotsearch_results = splunk_client.jobs.oneshot(query, **kwargs_oneshot)
        query_results = results.ResultsReader(oneshotsearch_results)
        results_list = [result for result in query_results]
    except (ValueError, HTTPError):
    return results_list

A 166 elements list returned -with the uploaded data- but not in the correct order - so I can't use the returned data.
How can I get the result in the correct order?

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