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Splunk Enterprise Security: Add a Filter to the Traffic Size Analysis Dashboard


I'd like to add a filter to the Traffic Size Analysis Dashboard. The filter I'd like to add is the "src_ip" field. Currently, this dashboard doesn't allow you to search by one IP and I think having that filter would be very helpful. What would be the best way in going about and adding this?

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Hi. For ease, I'd click "clone" on the dashboard and make it a test page (that way you are working on a safe copy).  
Since it's a clone, you have edit rights. Click add input, add in the new filter dropdown. Be sure to have the default as "*" so you get everything, except when selecting the filter.  Then you'll need to edit the searches to have your new token (as assigned by your filter).  
If you are newer on dashboards, download the "dashboards example" app. There are examples there showing how to create inputs and how to send tokens.
Once you have this all worked out, you can edit the main page and paste it your SPL.

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