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'Sourcetype= stash' value in 'Enterprise Security' incidents.


in enterprise security in incidents additional fields for all incidents i am seeing Sourcetype= stash its not showing original source type name why?

#Additional Fields#              # Value#                                        #Action#
Operating System                Linux 
Severity                                  medium 
Sourcetype                            stash 
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@vikram1583 the default sourcetype for Summary Indexes is stash. For example those collected via collect command or si ex: sichart, sitimechart etc.

The reason for this is that License usage is not incurred unless the sourcetype is overridden from stash to something else. Refer to documentation for sourcetype argument details and default stash value: https://docs.splunk.com/Documentation/Splunk/latest/SearchReference/collect#arg-options

Ideally you should create new fields like orig_sourcetype or any other marker field to keep the value of original sourcetype and keep stash as the sourcetype for summaries unless license cost for summary index is not an issue for you!

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