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STIX TAXII Data Not Showing On Some Days

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The FS-ISAC Threat Intelligence STIX TAXII has been enabled in our environment. We received all IOCs from 4/2 but did not receive any on 4/3 or 4/9. I am trying to determine what happened on those days. I believe we are getting the files but I can't tell if there's an issue maybe with parsing or somewhere else.

The download log shows:

2020-04-13 09:12:41,658+0000 INFO pid=21356 tid=MainThread file=threatlist.py:downloadtaxii:314 | status="Retrieved document from TAXII feed" stanza="FS-ISAC" collection="system.Default"
2020-04-13 09:12:41,113+0000 INFO pid=21356 tid=MainThread file=
init.py:polltaxii11:60 | Auth Type: AUTHCERTBASIC
2020-04-13 09:12:40,981+0000 INFO pid=21356 tid=MainThread file=threatlist.py:downloadtaxii:289 | status="TAXII feed polling starting" stanza="FS-ISAC"
2020-04-13 09:12:40,981+0000 INFO pid=21356 tid=MainThread file=threatlist.py:run:435 | status="retrieved
checkpointdata" stanza="FS-ISAC" lastrun="1586725961.53"
2020-04-13 09:12:40,877+0000 INFO pid=21356 tid=MainThread file=threatlist.py:run:421 | status="continuing" msg="Processing stanza" name="threatlist://FS-ISAC"

The intel manager shows:
2020-04-13 15:04:17,057+0000 INFO pid=269178 tid=MainThread file=stixparser.py:preprocess:178 | status="Finished parsing STIX documents" filename="/opt/splunk/etc/apps/SA-ThreatIntelligence/local/data/threatintel/FS-ISACTAXIIsystem.Default_2020-04-09T16-57-49.076713.xml" success="323" failed="0"

So it looks like they were successful but I do not see them in IPintel, Fileintel, etc. Where else can I look to see any issues or what else can I do? Any help us greatly appreciated.

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