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[PCI]Compliance Status History Scorecard In PCI Compliance -Not Rendering Data

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

ES version= version = 6.1.0
Issue is for the “PCI Compliance Posture” dashboard the View “Compliance Status History” is not showing data. It just displaystag_error.png "Unable to find tag filtered"

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

This isn't an issue. We ship with references to tag=filtered, but we don't explicitly filter anything out of the box.For, now you can replace panel's search query in pci_posture.xml with below search query and the customer can see events in the panel:



index="pci_posture_summary" search_name="PCI - Compliance Status History - Summary Gen"  | `makemv(orig_tag)` | `mvappend_field(tag,orig_tag)` | extract kv_for_pci_compliance_status_history_summary | timechart span=`pci_compliance_history_span` latest(All) as All

What we have done here is we have removed the filtering condition from the search query.

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