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In Splunk Enterprise Security, why is "weight" field missing in the Threat Intelligence datamodel?


The datamodel for Threat Intelligence is missing the weight field.

This breaks the built in Threat Activity Detected notable, that is based on the datamodel.

This renders the following lines without value in the correlation search

| eval risk_score=case(isnum(record_weight), record_weight, isnum(weight), weight, 1=1, null())

The workaround is either:

  • Not using the datamodel

  • Add the field in the datamodel

I don't think this has been a problem before, so I suspect the 7.x+ is broken in this regard.

Anyone that has any insight into this?


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I'm looking at this too. As of ES 6.4.1 this is still seemingly the case.

Adding this immediately after the datamodel command in the correlation search extracts the weight field:

| rex field=_raw "weight=\"?(?<wt>[^\s,\"]+)" 
| eval weight=coalesce(weight,wt)


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