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How to search for brute force logins coming from an external source only?

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Guys, I am trying to specifically see if I can distinguish when the login attempts are coming from an external source. What else can I add to this search?

```| tstats summariesonly=t allow_old_summaries=t prestats=t count(Authentication.user) from datamodel=Authentication where Authentication.action=block* OR  Authentication.action=fail* groupby _time span=1h, Authentication.user
| tstats append=t summariesonly=t allow_old_summaries=t prestats=t count  from datamodel=Authentication where Authentication.action=success groupby _time span=1d, Authentication.user
| stats count count(Authentication.user) by Authentication.user
| rename count as successes count(Authentication.user) as failures Authentication.* as *
| where successes>0 AND failures>100
| sort - failures
| head```

I also tried the following search, but it didn't work because sometimes the source could be machine name or host name as letters:

NOT (src_ip="" OR src_ip="" OR src_ip="")
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Filter on the Authentication.src field, using criteria that make sense for your environment.

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