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How to remove a duplicate from a field result?


I am trying to remove duplicate from a field result:

index=tenable* sourcetype="*" severity_description="*" | table severity_description ip | stats count by severity_description


Severity_description Count

Critical Severity    =       518

High Severity.        =.      46837

Medium Severity. =      7550

Low Severity.        =.       1460

Informative.           =.       275192

Inside each of severity_description row  there are duplicates i know that by running:

index=tenable* sourcetype="*" severity_description="Critical Severity" | table ip riskFactor | stats dc(ip) AS ip |rename ip as Critical | addcoltotals | stats sum(Critical) as Critical


critical =128

I am trying to run the first search and remove the duplicates automatically from from each row

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Give this a try

index=tenable* sourcetype="*" severity_description="*" | stats dc(ip) as count by severity_description
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