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How to display date/time of comment in a table under incident review?

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Hello, I'm new to the Splunk ES world. What I'm trying to do is list the date and time of the last comment entry that appears in the investigation comment section under Incident Review. The time actually appears when reviewing investigations via the gui but I need to be able to get that time listed next to the comment column in this search:                        

`notable` | rename owner_realname as Analyst, comment as Comment status_label as Status, savedsearch_description as Trigger_Reason, rule_name as Title | search Status=* | eval Destination=coalesce(dest_url,threat_match_value) | nomv Destination | eval Source=coalesce(src, sender) | eval Urgency=urgency | convert ctime(_time) as Time | table Urgency, Time, Title, rule_description, Comment, Status, Analyst, Status | sort -Urgency
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