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How to count Stats by two Fields in one search

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I have tired the following commands to retrieve the results, but it fails.

|from datamodel:"Authentication"."Failed _Authentication" | stats values(user) count by (action=failure), src | sort -count


|from datamodel:"Authentication"."Failed _Authentication" | stats values(user) values(src) count by (action=failure) | sort -count

And I want to achieve the following results.

| User | src | count |
| Mary | IT1001 | 10 |
| Mary | IT1002 | 6 |
| Peter | IT2002 | 9 |
| Alan | IT3003 | 8 |

Please help me. Thanks.

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 |from datamodel:"Authentication"."Failed _Authentication" | where Authentication.action="failure" | stats values(src), count by user   | sort -count
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|from datamodel:"Authentication"."Failed _Authentication"|stats count by user,src
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