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Data Inventory Introspection not completing in 3.0.0


We have upgraded the app to 3.0.0, but now we cant get the Data Inventory Introspection to complete.

In the previous version under the beta tab, there was an additional button to the right of the "play\pause" button. You were also able to expand the status window and manually correct individual searches.

The result is that we cant use the MITRE ATT&CK framework view any more. Nothing is being shown as active content.


Re: Data Inventory Introspection not completing in 3.0.0


I also had problems with the Data inventory after an update.
I found that the Data in my kv store lookup "datainventoryproducts_lookup" was likely outdated from a previous version.
The Addon ships with newer data in SSE-default-data-inventory-products.csv but on update was not loaded into the KV store.

So my issue was fixed by:

| inputlookup SSE-default-data-inventory-products.csv
| outputlookup data_inventory_products_lookup
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