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Can you help me a problem I'm having with BRO's DNS logs and Correlation Searches?

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The Detect Long DNS TXT Record Response does not show anything:

| tstats count min(_time) as firstTime max(_time) as lastTime from datamodel=Network_Resolution where DNS.message_type=response AND DNS.record_type=TXT by DNS.src DNS.dest DNS.answer DNS.record_type |  `drop_dm_object_name("DNS")` | eval anslen=len(answer) | search anslen>100 | `ctime(firstTime)` | `ctime(lastTime)` | rename src as "Source IP", dest as "Destination IP", answer as "DNS Answer" anslen as "Answer Length" record_type as "DNS Record Type" firstTime as "First Time" lastTime as "Last Time" count as Count | table "Source IP" "Destination IP" "DNS Answer" "DNS Record Type"  "Answer Length" Count "First Time" "Last Time"

Seems like all the Network_Resolution datamodel message_type and answers are unknown:

answer  record_type message_type    count
unknown TXT unknown 44058
unknown TXT unknown 25818
unknown TXT unknown 22868
unknown TXT unknown 17916
unknown TXT unknown 16092
unknown TXT unknown 16087
unknown TXT unknown 8159

I cut out the src and dest, but as you can see I would get nothing since all the message_type's are unknown and the search is looking for responses. I think every bro DNS log is both a query and a response if the DNS server responds to the query.

Do I need to do something special to get the message type of response and the data in the answers? I know that there is data in the answers field for the index=bro sourcetype=bro_dns:

_time   query   qtype_name  answers rcode_name  tag vendor
28:53.2   TXT TXT 143 Mail from blocked using Trend Micro Email Reputation database. Please see <http://www.mail-abuse.com/cgi-bin/lookup?\\>    NOERROR dns,network,resolution  Bro

Anyone else using Bro to get DNS into Splunk?

Thank you,

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