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Can I pass tokens (like in email notice) as an arguments to Script for SMS alerting?

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I have SMS alerts sent to me as an action of Splunk alert. I have successfully passed the arguments that available for me, like $SPLUNK_ARG_0 etc.

Can I use tokens as I use for email notifications to add more information to the SMS alert? The available arguments are not telling the full story of the related alert.

Thank you.

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Yes- As per below app's description/details,

For the SMS message field , token substitution can be used just the same as for email alerts.


You can try this app


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Hi @nareshinsvu,

Thanks for your answer.
I was trying to use the tokens, but I'm not getting the expected results.

Please see the Script I'm using, let me know if you can assist.
It works for me just find with the available arguments for Script, but not for the Tokens.


message="msg='$4', '$owner$'

curl $uri --data $user --data $password --data $to --data-urlendode "$message"

By the way,
I know Twilio app, but I prefer to use our own SMS solution, to avoid the need to manage two alerting systems.

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