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Why am I getting "connection reset by peer" from HEC in Splunk Cloud?

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I'm running the curl command

curl -k https://prd-p-aaaaa.splunkcloud.com:8088/services/collector -H "Authorization: Splunk <HECTOKEN>" -d '{"event": Test Message}' -vvv

I get this error

* Trying <IP>:8088...
* Connected to prd-p-aaaaa.splunkcloud.com (<IP>) port 8088 (#0)
* ALPN: offers h2
* ALPN: offers http/1.1
* [CONN-0-0][CF-SSL] (304) (OUT), TLS handshake, Client hello (1):
* Recv failure: Connection reset by peer
* LibreSSL/3.3.6: error:02FFF036:system library:func(4095):Connection reset by peer
* Closing connection 0
curl: (35) Recv failure: Connection reset by peer


I tried with



for the above I get
* Could not resolve host: http-prd-p-aaaaa.splunkcloud.com

* Could not resolve host: http-inputs-prd-p-aaaaa.splunkcloud.com

I'm using the trial version of splunk cloud.


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