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Hi Team,

We have purchased 200 GB of licenses for Splunk Cloud subscription and another 200 GB of licenses for Enterprise Security Subscription for our organzation.

So currently we are calculating the license usage for Splunk Cloud Subscription by logging into URL the Splunk Cloud search head and navigating to Cloud Monitoring Console App.

So we can able to calculate for Splunk Cloud Subscription. So we want to know how to calculate the licensing for Enterprise Security Subscription? i.e. How many GB we are ingesting for the Enterprise Security subscription in a day out of 200 GB? How to check it?

And in the upcoming future we are planning to buy additional license for Splunk Cloud subscription so during that time will it be mandate to buy additional license for Enterprise Security subscription along with Splunk Cloud subscription?

Also I believe we are not utilizing the full GB of license for Enterprise Security Subscription so will it be possible to move those license to Splunk Cloud subscription?

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To view your on-prem license usage, use the Monitoring Console. Click Settings->Monitoring Console. Depending on your architecture, you may need to do some configuration before you will get any results.

For your other license questions, please consult your Splunk account team.
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