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TA-JIRA Service Desk simple addon - Gets data but won't open tickets

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Good Morning,

I am working on connecting my Splunk Cloud (trial at the moment, purchase coming soon) to Jira Cloud free and I'm able to retrieve all Jira data in Splunk (projects, issue types, autofill when setting alerts) but the alerts that are supposed to create tickets are still pending. I can see Splunk accessing the API on the Jira side, none of the troubleshooting steps here helped.

I tried the other Jira Splunk add on and that one wouldn't even function so I got farther with this one but still just short of working. Any ideas? Is it something simple I'm missing? Thank you!

As an aside: Are any of you aware of any other Splunk to free ticketing add-ons out there? Can't get Alert Manager to create Incidents on Splunk Cloud (just the trial? not sure). Trying to get Incidents created from Alerts and nothing seems to be fitting the bill. Thank you!

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@theitgui We integrated with Servicenow for generating incidents but haven't really tried Jira.

After installing the Jira Add-on, are you seeing any integration under alert actions for creating an alert?Have you double checked the configuration of this add-on where all the knowledge objects are enabled?

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