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i am using splunk cloud and design is UF > hf>splunk CLOUD 

in HF"S we have outputs file like below 



i have below splunk configuration in outputs.conf file in heavy forwarder
here sslPassword is same for all HF"S if i am using multiple heavy forwarders

root@hostname:/opt/splunk/etc/apps/100_stackname_splunkcloud/local # cat outputs.conf
sslPassword = 27adhjwgde2y67dvff3tegd36scyctefd73******************
channelReapLowater = 10
channelTTL = 300000
dnsResolutionInterval = 300
negotiateNewProtocol = true
socksResolveDNS = false
useClientSSLCompression = true
negotiateProtocolLevel = 0
channelReapInterval = 60000
tcpSendBufSz = 5120000
useACK = false

useClientSSLCompression = true
maxQueueSize = 250MB
autoLBFrequency = 300


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you should use UF package which is loaded from your SCP stack. Just install it on all your UF+HF which are directly connected to your cloud stack and use its defaults to send into SCP. Don't mesh it!

r. Ismo

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