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Rendering change overnight .... what happened?


We are using splunk cloud 8.2.2105.2 (Build: 164754a2784c). When we came into work this morning, we found a number of our dashboards are suddenly not rendering correctly, and we're at a loss to explain why. It would see some centering is no longer happening correctly, and font sizing has changed.

You can see this through a very simple dashboard that I put together:

<dashboard hideChrome="true" hideFilters="true" theme="light">
  <label>Basic Dashboard</label>
| makeresults count=1 
| streamstats count 
| eval msg = 5
| stats count</query>
        <option name="underLabel">A field we should see</option>
        <option name="height">50</option>


When this is rendered, I get:



You can see how the text ("1") is large, and cut off, and the label ("A field we should see") does not show.

Whatever is going on has affected a number of our production dashboards; again, things were fine last night but this morning .... the rendering is bad. We have not had to mess with style sheets in the past to get the rendering correct, and don't think we should have to here ... What changed, and how can we get our dashboards rendering properly again?




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Open a support request with Splunk Cloud.

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